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About Epicure Loudspeakers

The Epicure Speaker Line is manufactured by one of the largest speaker manufacturers in the world,

Designed for modern Home Theater and Multi room sound applications, models are available to fit most consumer needs.

Innovative Technology, Superior Quality

Precision designed by Epicure, all speakers are fabricated from high-quality materials by one of the most advanced manufacturers in the world.

Aluminum Cones, Titanium Tweeters, Brass Drivers

Most models feature advanced technology woofers made with lightweight, durable aluminum cones providing fast respond with minimal ringing. Titanium tweeters add exciting highs to action scenes, plus definition to dialog. Tower speakers use multiple bass drivers to achieve the response of much larger speakers without the boom of 12" or 15" drivers.

With dual 5.25" woofers, bass response can surpass comparable 8" in-wall models. Amiable tweeters for in-wall and in-ceiling products provide excellent dispersion of high frequencies in various architectural settings. Cabinet speakers towers, bipoles and subwoofers reach efficiency through the use of advanced porting design.

Beautiful Design

All cabinet models are finished in six-sided black high gloss designed to enhance any environment. The 10" and 12" powered subwoofers offer black high gloss tops with PVC finished sides. The popular 8" subwoofer needs no fabric grill cloth.

Ceiling speakers feature modern low-profile magnetic grills. In-wall speaker performance is enhance by aluminum and titanium drivers, 12-24db crossovers and gold-plated binding posts. The in-wall LCR model can be mounted vertical or horizontally.