Epicure Loudspeakers Logo

Precision Manufactured

The new Epicure Speaker line is precision manufactured to meet the needs of today's high powered home theater and digital music systems.

Flexible Design Options

Model designs include free-standing, on-wall, in-wall, in-ceiling and sub woofers to fit a diverse array of applications.

Innovative Technology, Superior Quality

Manufactured in one of the most advanced plants in the world, all Epicure Loudspeakers are custom designed and fabricated from the highest quality materials.

Matte Finish Aluminum Cones, Titanium Tweeters, Advanced Crossovers

Advanced woofers are made with light weight, durable aluminum cones providing quick response with minimal ringing.

Titanium tweeters add excitement to highs and detail to dialog.

State of the art crossovers ensure clarity throughout the entire audible range.

Designer Inspired

All cabinet models are finished in piano black high gloss lacquer to enhance any environment.

In-ceiling and in-wall models feature low profile Invisibezel grills to blend seamlessly.

The in-wall Model LCR can be mounted vertically or horizontally.