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Center Channel CC-521


The CC-521 is a compact center channel speaker designed to tonally match the Epicure T531 tower speakers and the SS-041 bookshelf speakers. Also clad in a in black gloss finish, the 521 center is more than capable of reproducing the center channel dialogue information that is such a critical aspect of the surround-sound experience. The twin aluminum alloy midrange/woofers and titanium alloy tweeter will accurately reproduce all the nuances of an actor's voice, in addition to the demanding audio effects present on most movie soundtracks. The compact and attractive cabinet allows this speaker to integrate with a compact, but high-performance Epicure surround system.

The compact cabinet contains two 5" alloy midrange/woofers and titanium dome tweeter ensure precise and accurate clarity needed for home theater enjoyment and fatigue-free listening.



center-channel-521-front center-channel-521-back